Here is the short of it (and boy, it’s tough to keep it short!): I’m a forty-something woman who has a beautiful life with an amazing man, a great career and I honestly believe it just might look like I have it all figured out. The truth is, I’m only just now starting to figure some of it out and I have a long way to go. This little corner of the world is where I plan to dig in and share my life experiences, my fears, my joy, my inspirations, and my struggles.

If you’d like a slightly better preview, my first post probably sums some of it up best:

“You are going to get it all – the childhood spent with an alcoholic father, the abuse from a grandfather, the mother with depression, the years spent as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the former marriage to a narcissist, and how all of those experiences continue to impact and shape my life, both personally and professionally. There will be good, there will be beautiful, and sometimes there will be tough and ugly, but what is most important is that it will be all of me.”

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