The Newsletter

I wrote recently about moving to my new site, The Truth of Being Us, and I did consider for a time if I might continue to use this space to write. I have decided to focus all efforts on that site and don’t intend to write here any longer. With that being said, I continue to receive comments and followers here, so I intend on keeping this space active in the event any of the content that remains helpful for others. Given that the new site is not on a WordPress platform, if you’d like to receive my monthly newsletter that compliments The Truth of Being Us website, I encourage you to visit here to sign up. I’ll send an update each month with links to a couple of recent posts, podcast and book recommendations and other helpful resources. That’s it. Simple and limited, so no annoying fluff bogging down your inbox (I hope!).

Thank you, again, to everyone who has followed along here. I am grateful for every one of you and hope to stay connected.



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