The Truth of Being Us

It feels like a lot has happened since my last post just a few short weeks ago. Besides remaining active on Instagram – my favorite social media outlet these days – I was a little low key in other areas. To say I have some catching up to do on blog reading and writing is a bit of an understatement. During this brief stepping back period, I’ve made a handful of big life decisions and announcements, in addition to putting a lot of work into a project I’ve been toying with for months. In the event you have any interest, a quick recap is below – and possibly the biggest update is the last one.

8/18: I made a powerful decision about my job. I need to dig down and find some strength and any remaining patience that might exist, but to have come to terms with the situation and a decision on how to handle things has already made me feel like a different person.

8/19: I announced that I’m now officially a certified professional coach and I’m currently undergoing training for certification as a recovery coach. I’ve been slowly working through this for a few months and haven’t talked much about it. While it hasn’t exactly been a secret, I wasn’t inclined to put it out into the world until now. This training is just the beginning of much work still to come, but I’m proud to be making small steps towards something that I feel called to do. I’ve had the desire to coach in some capacity since long before getting sober, but it is with sobriety that I can see the path much more clearly now. It is in sobriety that I am finally making things happen.

8/20: I celebrated my 6-month sobriety anniversary – wahoo! This half-year milestone felt huge to me. It seemed to arrive quickly while being painfully slow at the same time. I can’t explain how that is even possible, but if you’ve been through it, you can probably relate. Maybe that’s what happens when time is full of struggles and joy all at once. The best part these days is that the joy has begun to far outweigh the struggle.

8/23: Another celebration ensued – my 44th year on this planet. A year that I’m defining as the year of change. I can feel it. 44 is going to mean work, but it’s going to be magical.

8/29: I mentioned above that I’ve been working on a project for a while. It was the stories of other’s addictions and recovery that not only reinforced my decision to quit drinking but that continue to keep me grounded well into my sobriety. I knew some time ago that I wanted to give back and part of that has been through the undeniable power of the written word. With that, I was inspired to create a website called The Truth of Being Us. Makes sense, right? It’s a place where I plan to move most of my writing but above all else, it is designated for sharing stories of other women in recovery, considering recovery, or touched by someone’s addiction or recovery. Sharing our stories builds connections and for anyone in any type of recovery, you know how important connection is.

I may occasionally still write in this space, but more than likely most of what I’ll be sharing will be in my new home. If you follow me here, I would appreciate you giving it a look to see what I’m up to. I would also be more than grateful if you were inclined to share a story in the new place. What you have to say could make a tremendous difference for someone else – wouldn’t that be incredible? Please visit The Truth of Being Us for all of the details and don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions at all.

I look forward to seeing where this leads and how we can grow this space and support one another – together.sobriety


8 thoughts on “The Truth of Being Us

  1. I’ve finally caught up with my blog reading so I hear ya 😊 you’re doing a fantastic job and I love reading about your progress. Good luck with the recovery training. Not that it’s a secret but I haven’t told anyone but my mum yet – I’ve applied for a Recovery Worker position so it looks like we’re both at it!

    Sending hugs and best wishes 💖 xx

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